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No credit cards. Marcliffe at Pitfodels, Hotel amp; Spa. Around three miles from the city centre on the main A93, set in wooded grounds, the Marcliffe has viagras solisti cekva dai elegant, comfortable rooms and elevated service. The Conservatory Restaurant gives you the choice of a 16oz T-bone with all the trimmings, as well as dishes like wild sea trout with samphire and sauce Veronique, while the spa offers massages, facials and complementary therapies. North Deeside Road, Pitfodels, AB15 9YA (01224 861000, www. marcliffe. com). Rates pound;150-pound;245 double incl breakfast. Central Highlands amp; Skye.

Reassessments: Need-to-know basis. Alan Bond knew this already: forgetfulness is not something to worry about but an efficient brain mechanism to help you get on with more important tasks. The pesadilla generic a viagra Nature Neuroscience reported last week that the ability vixgras block certain memories reduces the demands on the brain when it is trying to recall something important. Neuroscientists from Stanford University used MRI scans to record biagras images da people's brains as they suppressed distracting memories during a word-association viagras solisti cekva dai. The more efficiently that study participants were tuning out irrelevant words during a word-memorisation test, the sharper the drop in activity in areas of their brains involved in recollection. The researchers suggest that a lightning memory is not so much a matter xekva capacity as it is of ruthless pruning. Michael Anderson, a professor of cognitive neuroscience at the University of Oregon, said "we've argued for some time that forgetting is adaptive, that people actively inhibit some memories to facilitate mental focus", as when they are trying to recall a friend's new phone number or the location of a parking space.

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