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Maybe you8217;re having a problem reading my posts. For the record I never mentioned Seattle, -it was Pt Roberts, south of Vancouver.

Darian Grubb, Todd Berrier, Doug Richert, Kenny Francis and Roy McCauley are tied for third-place, all with one win. (Wypall PR)(6-19-2006) For winning the Crew Chief of the Race award, WypAll Wipers presented Knaus 1,000. At the end of the season, the Nextel Cup crew chief with the most weekly wins will receive 20,000 and be crowned the WypAll Wipers Crew Chief of the Year. This was Kanus' second Crew Chief of the Race award in 2006, which ties him for second-place in the standings with Robbie Reiser and Tony Eury Jr.

Once Jon Kitna comes in, Dallas ties the game.]